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Why Stat Together?

Keep your fans updated with

Free Live Video

No fans allowed in the gym this season? No problem. Live stream your team for FREE with Stat Together: Live. The live scoreboard updates automatically as you take stats.

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Everyone's Connected
Take stats with a group

Everyone's Connected

Use multiple devices to keep track of the game - Everyone receives updates in real time. Teams can add as many managers to the game as they'd like.

All you need to succeed, plus a few extra

In Depth Stats

Get full access to all of your teams usual stats plus more advanced stats like shot charts. You can even export your stats for input on Max Preps.

Stunning Graphics
Everyone's Connected
Tons of stats taken with

Simple Controls

In only a few taps you have access to all sorts of new data. Do your hitters struggle hitting angle? Down the line? Shot charts are a great tool to show your athletes exactly what areas of their game they can improve on

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can take stats?

The app works alone or with others and you can take stats with as many managers as you want. Everyone gets every update in real time.

Where are my stats saved?

Your stats are all automatically backed up in the cloud. Sign into your account anywhere from any device to see them.

What devices work with Stat Together?

Taking stats with "Stat Together: Volleyball" is available for all Apple and Android devices. Live streaming with "Stat Together: Streaming" is currently only available on Apple devices.

How does the app work?

We have useful tutorial videos on our YouTube channel! Check them out here

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